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  • David Foster (shown here with his friend Gracie) is National Strategic Advisor for Morris Communications, and has been a leader within the independent magazine community for years. In April 2005, Dave was diagnosed with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 4, the sixth deadliest cancer, behind lung, liver, and breast. In emails to his ‘wellness group’ of friends and colleagues, Dave began chronicling his battle with the disease. In this blog, Dave Foster continues to “kick cancer’s arse”, sharing his story with a wider audience.

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March 18, 2008


Hi Dave,
Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you.
In the past, when feeling a bit down, my therapy would be to pop in Bill Murray's movie..."What about BOB"...something about his character simply puts me over the top each time I watch the film. My favorite scene is "BOB" (who is literally afraid of life) is tied to the mast of a sail boat..and he is yelling.."I'm sailing, I'm sailing".. I just realized that your site has replaced "What about BOB"...when I need to connect with the wonder of the human spirit..I review your posts.
Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

Hang in there David. Sounds like an awful time you're having, just know that all of the other warriors are praying for you. Bring on the feel good drugs so you can rest a while.

Dave, it was fantastic to finally talk with you today. Glenda was happy when I told her about it. Hurry up and get that doctor to find out what the cause is so you can go fishing again.

Gonna say an extra prayer for you tonight, that the Dr.'s would have all the wisdom from above and figure out how to help you. Please post and keep us up to date. Go ahead and enjoy the piece of heaven, it won't be long and you will be chatting up people at PT. Robbie


I am new to comment but have been a follower of your blog for more than a year. I am sorry that you are having a difficult time right now. Hang in there. You are in the thoughts of many people and I know that a little fluid can't hold back a warrior like you for long. Stay strong.

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