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  • David Foster (shown here with his friend Gracie) is National Strategic Advisor for Morris Communications, and has been a leader within the independent magazine community for years. In April 2005, Dave was diagnosed with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 4, the sixth deadliest cancer, behind lung, liver, and breast. In emails to his ‘wellness group’ of friends and colleagues, Dave began chronicling his battle with the disease. In this blog, Dave Foster continues to “kick cancer’s arse”, sharing his story with a wider audience.

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February 18, 2008


Hi David,
i can closely relate to what your going through because my father is in the same situation. he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2003, and had surgery to remove his kidney. Back then i guess there werent many options of treating kidney cancer, so the docs encouraged him to come in every 6 weeks for a CT scan (which he failed to do, because he was scared). 2 years ago, his cancer had spread to his lungs, which he had another surgery to remove the tumor. After the lung surgery he was put on the suten medication, which has given him horrible side effects (including the blisters and sores)however according to the docs he was at stage 3 but the cancer was contained. Last week he had a surgery to repair his diaphragm, which was damaged during his first surgery (kidney removal) and when they opend him up, they realized that the cancer is now in the stomach. he is at stage 4, however we are scared that this is the end, and not suten or anything else would help him. Even though he has CT scans every 6 weeks, and the docs keept saying the tumors are dead, how did it get to the stomach without us knowing????? My father is only 55, and i cant beging to explain to you how hard this has been on all of us. Please share any comments, or advice that you may have.

Ok, this one brought tears of laughter to my eyes as I read it. Funny how some things that happen can be much funnier later on in the telling.
Thanks for sharing it Dave.

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