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  • David Foster (shown here with his friend Gracie) is National Strategic Advisor for Morris Communications, and has been a leader within the independent magazine community for years. In April 2005, Dave was diagnosed with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 4, the sixth deadliest cancer, behind lung, liver, and breast. In emails to his ‘wellness group’ of friends and colleagues, Dave began chronicling his battle with the disease. In this blog, Dave Foster continues to “kick cancer’s arse”, sharing his story with a wider audience.

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January 29, 2008


Hi David, I have been reading your blog for sometime now. I am a caregiver, my husband Steve has had RCC for almost 10 years! Since 2002 he has been stage 4. On Sutent now for over a year. It's rough, we've been married almost 42 years, so we are battling this ugly disease together. I find your writing encouraging, and you make me smile. Hang in there, so many others are in this fight with you. Fellow warrior in North Carolina

Dave, I respect what you are doing. Back in the summer on round three of Sutent 50mg, I was so sick and unable to even do the most simplest everyday task. I finally made the decision to stop. I was petrified! I felt so trapped, I felt like my decision was life and death. I could not continue on the Sutent. Of course my Dr. lowered the dose and I am able to tolerate and work now. I am glad that you are doing some of the things you enjoy and living your life. My prayers and good wishes go with you to the next treatment plan.

Hi David - you ARE the master of your own destiny and your friend "intuition" can be your best friend. We all make choices in our life. Some others like and some they don't but the bottom line is that it is what "you" like. If you have gained strength, piece of mind and gained a shred of pleasure from your hiatis then "you" made the right decision. Like I have shared with you before life is a gamble and we are all in the game. It is how we "play" the game that matters most to us. I can appreciate just where you are coming from as I told you Joe did the same thing. He gambled and won thus far. I have said from the beginning of this journey that it is the "medication and side effects" that will do you in faster than the cancer. So you like Joe will do what you have to do when you have to do it. Only "you" will know when it is time and when it is right. Who knows what Torisel will do or what s/e it will bring with it but you will face that challenge when you are ready. What I read from your "unglued" state is that when you decide to move forward to Torisel you will have the strength and wellness to hit it head on. Better than where you were a month ago. Carry on Warrior.

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