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  • David Foster (shown here with his friend Gracie) is National Strategic Advisor for Morris Communications, and has been a leader within the independent magazine community for years. In April 2005, Dave was diagnosed with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 4, the sixth deadliest cancer, behind lung, liver, and breast. In emails to his ‘wellness group’ of friends and colleagues, Dave began chronicling his battle with the disease. In this blog, Dave Foster continues to “kick cancer’s arse”, sharing his story with a wider audience.

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August 15, 2007


Hey David,

I should have commented before and said thanks for helping to raise awareness around this for us over here in the UK.

There was a radio phone in show on Sunday night highlighting it where 2 elderly parents are having to sell their home to pay for their son's Sutent
It shoudln't have to be like this

Again, Many Thanks and hope you're feeling much better.


Your writing on the difficulties about obtaining new drugs for those affected with cancer is "right on"! For the past two months I have been constantly bugging my husband's oncologist to have the new drug Torisel investigated to see if it might work for him. After many calls and I'm sure a lot of paper work on the dr's part, hubby had his first treatment Monday. Whether this is the one for him, has yet to be determined, but at least it is an option. I also wonder about those who have cancer and do not have someone to urge the medical community forward to obtain whatever is out there for is a crime to say the least. Also, the cost of these drugs is unbelievable!!! It is ironic that these drug companies who try diligently to discover life saving drugs for cancer patients, offer them to those in need at outrageous prices. Sometimes, due to the enormous costs, the drug cannot be used by those who need it most.
Hats off to you David for posting this item and hope things are going well for you this week. Take care,

Hello David
Just a quick word to update you regarding my husband Ken. We are now into the 2nd cycle of Sutent, bought and paid for by fundraising. The local Health?? authority has passed the drug as FIRST line treatment only for kidney cancer but because Ken has already had Interferon he is not classed as eligible. How they can even compare the two drugs' effectiveness is beyond me.

Ken next has a scan in Sept/Oct, and we WILL have the proof we need that Sutent has been successful. If the bloody NHS refuses to fund the drugs again the brown stuff really will hit the fan!! Watch this space..and say a one for us, we need the right results!
Keep up the fight for all of us Knights and Warriors.
Take care
Jude X

Great post Dave. Reading about the trials in the UK makes me wonder why anybody would want socialized medicine in the US.

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