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  • David Foster (shown here with his friend Gracie) is National Strategic Advisor for Morris Communications, and has been a leader within the independent magazine community for years. In April 2005, Dave was diagnosed with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma, Stage 4, the sixth deadliest cancer, behind lung, liver, and breast. In emails to his ‘wellness group’ of friends and colleagues, Dave began chronicling his battle with the disease. In this blog, Dave Foster continues to “kick cancer’s arse”, sharing his story with a wider audience.

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August 17, 2007


Hi David - I noticed you mentioned atrophy in your arms - I am wondering if that is what has happened to my husband's arms recently - did you gain muscle back? I do know when my husband was in the hospital for other complications recently they commented that he was very deydrated and difficult to draw blood, etc. No one is mentioning his muscle loss - his arms and shoulders look like they have lost all muscle.

Hi David,

Sounds like you've had a rough couple of weeks. Hope you're feeling better and your visit to see your daughter perked you up

All the best


PS. Sorry I changed my e-mail address and URL earlier post should read that hubby is not feeling so great...
I also checked out your dog's photo and it's beautiful...a real pro at modeling for sure!

Dave, I am glad to know that you're doing better. Us old pharts have to take it easy anyway and being sick doesn't help us so take it easy buddy.
I have been drinking at least 3 1/2 litre bottles of water a day for years and I plan to add to that. Your stories inspire to watch myself. Thank you.

Hey David, so glad that you are feeling better now...thanks also for the update on the fluid deficiency. Hubby is feeling so great these past few days and I am now going to get more fluids into him, because possibly that could be part of the problem. He also has lots of aches and pains, no doubt side effects from his Torisel on Monday, but nonetheless, it is good to get the fluids to him to see if that just might aleviate some of his misery. Keep your stories and real life experiences coming, for it is only through information and encouragement from others, that we all continue to keep going. Take care.

Hey David. I'm glad you feeling a little better. Have fun visiting your daughter. Stay out of the heat too. I worry about you.

OMG David I am so glad you got on top of this quickly. A Warrior's life is a live and learn and sometimes the living gets dangerous. I know my Warrior has been where you are quite a few times. The dehydration catches up really quick and before you know it you are heading to oncology (even hospitalization to get back under control). I guess through time we now know the symptoms at onset but we still tend to always wait to long. We don't live in a part of the country that is as hot as Atlanta and it still happens. Usually worse when on a cycle. So for all the Warriors your blog could be a tremendous eye opener. Thank you for writing that as no one knows all things and by you writing your experience it could be the key to helping someone else. During really hot days my Warrior measures out water in a container and keeps it cold in the fridge to make sure he knows what he needs to get into him. It does work. These life lessons can be hard on you Warriors. I am glad you are on the uptake now. I am sure your mother told you at times growing up to "come in out of the rain" well reverse it and "come in out of the heat". Take care

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